Feed access, animal feed formulation application

Animal nutrition

Guide farmers and animal nutrition actors

Guide farmers and animal nutrition actorsAnimal nutrition is a major economical and environmental issue. In a situation of prices variations, quality variations and unregular supplies of raw materials, formulation can bing reliable solutions for farmers. 

We developed Feed access application in order to help developing countries farmers to optimize feed for their livestock. Feed access simplifies feed formulation and provide a balanced recipe for layers, broilers, sows, pigs, tilapia or catfish. 

Make formulation accessible 

Feed acMake formulation accessiblecess is a helpful formulation tool for: 

  • farmers who want to make their own feed, valorize local ingredients or what they produce on their farm
  • small feed producers
  • technicians or agronomists working in animal nutrition
  • students and researchers

Formulation consists in composing a balanced mix at least cost. It requires to know:

  • the nutritional value and the price for each ingredient (raw material) available
  • the nutritional requirements for animals at the different growing or production stage

The Feed access application calculates a least cost feed depending on raw material prices and animal nutritional requirements. It has been designed to make formulation accessible regardless of the user technical skills in animal nutrition. Feed access is 100% free and available in 3 languages (english, french, spanish).

Better natural ressources management

Better natural ressources managementProvide a helful formulation tool can solve various difficulties farmers are facing: 

Formulation offers lots of advantages to farmers: 

Our ambition is to promote feed formulation and enable in the short and medium term to: