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Free formulation applicationFeed access is a feed formulation application for layer, broiler, sow, pig and fish. It is very easy to use: indicate the animal you wish to formulate feed for, its physiological stage, available ingredients and its prices. The application calculate an mix adapted to your animals nutritionnal needs and at the least cost. With Feed access, formulate and save money ! 

Feed access is a free application, available in english, french and spanish.

Feed access calculate the best least cost feed

Feed access calculate the best least cost feedFeed can represent up tp 75% of the cost in livestock farming. In order to reduce production costs while ensuring good health conditions for the animals, make one own feed is the ideal solution, as long as one knows how to formulate.

Formulation is a complex exercise consisting in mixing together raw materials with different nutritionnal qualities while ensuring a least cost feed. Moreover, formulation has to respect, for each raw material, proportions that will cover growth and production requirements, with no shortage nor excess.

With Feed access software, it is easy to formulate. 

To get your formula (recipe) : 

You can formulate feed for : 

Using information selected, the application runs a calculation taking into account: 

Then the application sets a reliable formulation and provides an optimized mix.

Feed access leads you toward more independance and reactivityFeed access leads you toward more independance and reactivity

Feed access is a free formulation application designed by agronomists and web developpers.

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