Our courses:

  FeedAccess is registered as a training organization and can organize distance learning or come to your place, we adapt ourselves to your needs in order to tell you all secrets about formulation, the goals, the technical analysis, the tricks that will make all difference and make you save more money and become more permormant ! At the end of the training, you'll be delivered a course certificate that will confirm your new knowledge.  
  Animal feed formulation technics:  

Training is made of an alternation of courses and practical exercises where you'll be using the formulation tool. It is generally a 2 to 3 days course, depending on how many participants are part of the training. In this course, you'll learn:



  • To know main raw materials and its nutritional specifications in order to optimize their use in animal nutrition
  • To plan raw material analysis
  • To evaluate animal needs depending on production goals
  • To know nutrients that are required to formulate animal feed
  • To control the use of constraint costs and interest prices in formulation
  • To master with FeedAccess formulation tool and be able to formulate any kind of animal feed
  • To plan formulation strategies
  • To create and use special nutrients to go deaper in formulation technics !