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We offer you the possibility to formulate for free animal feeds thanks to our formulation tool and we grant you access to an important raw material database and most common animal feed formulas used in livestock farming. At the moment, the application can formulate feed for layers, broilers, pig and sow. If you would prefer to use your own data for formulas and raw materials, you will formulate closer to reality and we can include your data to the system and guarantee you a safe an exclusive access. Please contact us. Eventually, if you have a specific need, a raw material, a formula, do not hesitate to contact us as well, we'll see how we can help.

Why to formulate?

Several reasons can justify the need to formulate on a regular basis. First of all, on an economical point of view : formulation allow you to get a high performant feed, at a lower cost. Please note that as soon as one raw material price changes, the all mix composition can be modified to remain optimal. The second reason is strategic : you can face irragular or low quality supplies issues and manage your stocks. A third reason, very important to us, is the ressources management and optimization, limitation of losses that are responsible for pollutions. n excess in protein for example is an important loss that will cause nitrogen pollution ; nowadays protein production is costly and raises many environmental and ethical questions. We believe it is important to optimize its use and make formulation access easier.

Data sources

If you have been searching for raw material datas without going through the analysis solution, either for financial reasons or because that service isn't available in your area, you probably realized that this activity was time consuming. To look for animal feed formulas isn't easy either. You now have free access to these data, wherever you are in the world. Data we use are the results of pulbic research, data we've input ourselves or data from our trustworthy private partners. These are 100% reliable, however, never forget that raw material you use are different, and this is the main challenge in formulation : reduce that difference as much as possible to get closer to reality.

Running out of time?

We're also capable of formulating animal feeds for you, depending on your needs. If you wish to do so, please contact our customer service.





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