The formulation tool allows you to formulate an animal feed that is technically and financially optimized.

Becareful, the tool doesn't take into account technological configuration of the processing unit nor commercial or regulation constraints in your working area. There still some work for the formulator to do !

Features available at the moment :

Available formulas for layer, broiler, sow and pig

We give you free access to formulas for different species for different production level or growing stage that will be adapted in most situations, and you'll still have the possibility to modify the constraints to formulate according to your needs.


Raw material data ready !

You don't have raw material data analysis ? You have free access to our database of most common raw materials used in animal nutrition. Soon, you'll even be able to save your own raw material for more efficiency. We ask you for a little more patience...


Updated prices on a monthly basis that you can modify

We update our prices based on international markets data. Prices are in USD per metric ton ($/mt). You can (and you must !) update these prices with the prices you'll buy the raw material in your working area. This is very important.


Automatic optimization !

No more needs to grope for an approximated solution . Just click on a button and get the perfect feed in the column "MIX" of the formulation tool : an efficient mix at the lowest price ! For more information, please check our guidebook you received after your subscription. And if you need, do not hesitate to ask us to train you on formulation.


Many nutrients available

We have filled in nutritionnal data for many nutrients used in animal feed formulation such as energy, protein, crude fiber, fat, calcium, phosphorus, amino acids,  and you'll even be able to formulate with more technical nutrients such as available phosphorus, available lysine and available methionine ! You'll be able to choose which ones you want to formulate with. By default, a selection of nutrients is displayed to make sure the feed can be formulated and you'll be free to modify the constraints if you need it.


 New features already available !!

  • Create your formulas !
  • Save the composition of a formula, print it and re-optimize it !
  • Use your own raw materials !
  • Create price lists and update it when you want !
  • Select raw materials and nutrients you want to use by default, no need to select it at each connexion , it is already there !
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