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We work on project from the field to final consumer. You have a project? Whether you need assistance to build a demand to get funding for it, study its technical and economical feasibility, optimize your operation, write a business plan, a marketing research or realize a technical audit, we can help you. An external point of view always adds value.

Our last partnership : to guide agro-industries in Cameroon to develop an efficient company strategy and write a proper business plan and to follow up their project activities.

Support and project assistance


Feed can represent up to 75% of the costs in a farm !

We give you free access to our animal feed optimizer in order to help you reduce you costs and increase your performances. Moreover, you’ll find innovative solutions that answer your needs. To discover it, go to the formulation tool page !

We strongly advise you to follow one of our courses to use 100% of the professional tool capacities.


Animal Nutrition




Our courses are recommended for companies from agro-industry sector, for students, producers, technicians, engineers or researchers who would like to improve their knowledge in animal nutrition and formulation.